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Breeding Opportunities

For 2021

Don't miss your opportunity to become part of this extraordinary endurance legacy. Karahty's Karbon Kopy is standing at stud in Terrebonne, Or. Call for more information. (541)316-3434

An endurance legacy...

There are few riders in endurance that will achieve what Dolly Decair has.  A true legend and pioneer in the sport of endurance racing, Dolly defines the very best of the sport.  While always keeping the welfare of her horse as her #1 priority, she has amassed an incredible record.  In addition, Dolly's stallions Wazir’s Karahty, and his sons have set records that few stallions will ever match.

Dolly continues to ride her beautiful stallion Karahty's Karbon Kopy (Karbon).  Together, Dolly and Karbon will hit the endurance trail this year and attempt to make history once again. Dolly is still riding hard at 80-years-old, and riding her stallion to top-ten finishes.

Karbon, her fantastic stallion, looks tremendously like his legendary sire and continues in his father's footsteps as a tremedous competitor and athlete. Karbon also has an incredible mind, a kind temperament and is a great partner to Dolly.  Karbon is available for breeding in 2016.  Don't miss your opportunity to breed to this amazing stallion and become part of this extraordinary endurance legacy. 


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